Cervical Lordosis Treatment

Brief description of problem

The cervical (neck) vertebrae normally form a C-shaped curve, with the curved part of the “C” slightly forward of the top and bottom. This curvature is called lordosis. When the cervical spine curves the wrong way, or does not curve enough, that is called a loss of lordosis. It can result in no symptoms at all, until it becomes severe. It could result in stiffness, tingling, or numbness.


Poor posture, especially among those regularly working many hours each day hunched over a computer, can cause lordosis problems. Injuries, stress, or even being overweight can also contribute to this condition.

Type of treatment

Binder Family Chiropractic is especially proud of its lordosis expertise. Early detection is important, because the earlier it’s treated, the better. Chiropractic and physical therapy are able to firm up the cervical spine and give the neck the proper curve. Each patient is different, and a program to promote muscular strength and flexibility, and a wider range of motion, can be developed on an individual basis. Education regarding proper posture can also help.


Correct lordosis keeps the head and spine stable and free of pain. It also helps the vertebrae absorb gentle shocks, which could otherwise cause the vertebrae to degenerate. Good lordosis is essential to your overall health.

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