Managing Autism

Brief description of problem

The word “autism” covers several conditions. In fact, the term “autism spectrum” is used to indicate its many varieties. What they all have in common is that they are related to some disorder in neural development, though its causes are still not understood. Effects of autism can include difficulty in interacting socially, impaired verbal or other communication, or repeated behavior patterns.

Specifically Children

Dr. Kellen has worked at a center for autism as a therapist and has compiled over 200 hours of hands on interactive learning with children on the spectrum. The more time spent with the children, Dr. Kellen became more aware of a direct connection between behaviors and the diet of the children he worked with. The “gut-brain connection” became the point of emphasis for Dr. Kellen and he witnessed that combining chiropractic care and a strict diet has taken the most severe behavioral problems to manageable levels.

Type of treatment

A study, “Autism: A Chiropractic Perspective,” by Jane Jennings and Martina Baker of the Newbury Chiropractic Centre, Newbury, Berkshire, UK, published in Clinical Chiropractic (2006), Vol. 9, pp. 6-10, suggests that spinal manipulation, especially of the neck, might diminish some autism symptoms.


The study saw, in a variety of patients: improved reflexes; increased range of motion in the neck; increased attention span; improved attention span; improvement in other health issues.

There are many things about autism yet to be discovered. And it should be emphasized that chiropractic treatment will not cure autism. However, treatment can relieve stress on the nervous system, and allow a clearer path between brain and body, which has been shown to relieve patients suffering from other health issues.

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