Our Team

Megan Lea – Receptionist

Megan, our office coordinator, became familiar with the clinic when she brought her newborn in, due to re-flux, colic and ear infections. Megan was so impressed with her daughters improvements with chiropractic care that she asked how she could get involved, and to share chiropractic care with others. Within a few months Megan became part of the team at Binder Family Chiropractic and was an integral part during the business relocation to 75th Street. Megan has always had an interest in holistic healing and natural health. With her growing knowledge of chiropractic care, Megan has a new found passion for helping people reach their full health potential.


Natalie LaForge – Massage Therapist

Natalie LaForge graduated from Wisconsin Institute of East West Wellness in 2016 and is a licensed massage therapist in Wisconsin. She enjoys therapeutic massage and unlocking the body’s own ability to heal itself. She utilizes several different techniques in order to restore this process including Swedish, Trigger Point and Myofascial Release. She sees each massage as an opportunity to bring relaxation, balance and vitality to each client.